Cardiovascular Imaging Center

A Department of Medical City Dallas
Notice of Separate Physician and Hospital Charges

The Cardiovascular Imaging Center is an outpatient department of Medical City Dallas. Through our partnership with Medical City Dallas we are able to provide you with the highest level of quality imaging service. When services are furnished in an outpatient department of a hospital, charges for the hospital’s services are billed separately from a physician’s supervision and interpretation services. These charges will also go towards your hospital deductible (if applicable). Unlike a visit to a physician’s office, a visit to a hospital outpatient department results in two separate bills being sent to your insurance company for payment. Depending on your insurance coverage you may receive two separate bills for the healthcare services provided to you during your visit to the Medical City Dallas Imaging Center.

  1. Physician Services Bill: This bill is from Dallas Cardiovascular Specialists and is for services from the physician who supervises and interprets your diagnostic procedure during your visit.
  2. Medical City Dallas Bill:This bill is from Medical City Dallas and will cover services or items that are provided by the hospital personnel, which involve hospital equipment and supplies used at the Medical City Dallas. If time allows, the Medical City Dallas’ staff will contact you prior to the test to give an estimate of your expected charges to be paid up front. Occurrences during the test may cause the actual billed amount to vary. To verify your benefits and potential out of pocket expense, please call (972) 566-6722.

Your specific charges will depend on the actual services received. Your payment requirements will be subject to your specific insurance plan. Please review your health plan documents for details on your outpatient hospital service coverage or contact your health plans member services number for coverage questions.

If you have additional questions about your out of pocket expenses for the upcoming tests you may call:

(972) 566-6722 for Medical City Dallas portion
(972) 566-8855 for Dallas Cardiovascular portion

A Medical City Representative will contact you prior to your test to register your insurance. If you do not hear from someone, or would like to pre-register, please call (972) 566-2519.

Dallas Cardiovascular Specialists recognizes that you have a choice to obtain medical testing at any facility. Scheduling the test at Medical City Dallas’ Imaging facility guarantees that a Board Certified Dallas Cardiovascular physician will interpret the test.